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Data & analytics

For Data & Analytics teams

Are you tired of creating dashboards that seem to be ignored? Does it frustrate you to see your colleagues extracting data from your meticulously crafted dashboards to sheets, only to link them to slides later? Are you exasperated with repeated requests for the latest QBR data pack?

Now, your team can take full advantage of everything your dashboards offer without the loading times, the endless filtering, and the grueling copying and pasting. They can incorporate your hard work directly into their favorite sharing platforms: slide decks and documents. Let your diligent efforts shine in formats that both leadership and clients truly value.

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For Finance teams

Do you feel caught in the endless cycle of monthly and quarterly reporting? Does each cycle feel like a tedious repeat of the last, where you find yourself endlessly updating spreadsheets, reports, documents, and slides? With Rollstack, that cycle ends. What you build once, you'll never have to rebuild again. Instead, Rollstack allows you to automate these tasks, transforming your reporting into a reliable and efficient process.

With a single click, anything can be updated for each new cycle. Stay always prepared and a step ahead of the financial cycles. By eliminating the drudgery of manual reporting, Rollstack frees you to focus on key revenue initiatives and P&L impacting activities. Escape the repetitive reporting cycle and focus on what truly matters!

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Business Operations

For Business Operations teams

Ever feel like your Business Operations team is spending too much time on routine reporting instead of driving revenue and growth? That's where Rollstack comes in. Our platform automates these repetitive tasks, ensuring you have regular, consistent, and timely business reviews. We empower your teams by freeing them from low-value, repetitive tasks, which means they can spend their time making impactful decisions and driving actions. With Rollstack, get the right data when you need it, and let your teams focus on driving the organization forward. Make the smart move with Rollstack, and put your operations on the fast track.

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Customer Success

For Customer Success teams

Tired of manually creating and updating client reports and presentations? Break free from the draining cycle of building the same reports and presentations for different clients. Rollstack equips your Customer Success team with the tools to generate personalized client materials at scale, giving a significant boost to customer engagement and satisfaction.

No longer need you to start from scratch every time a Monthly Business Review, Quarterly Business Review, or Annual Plan comes up. Automate these with Rollstack and enjoy streamlined communication that's both consistent and up-to-date. Plus, you no longer need to wait for data analysts or engineers - Rollstack gives you the independence to leverage your company's existing data and analytics dashboards on your own.

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For Sales teams

Sales teams want to do what they do best: selling and engaging with clients. Yet, the repetitive task of creating client presentations, pitches, one-pagers, and proposals can often get in the way. Rollstack streamlines these time-consuming tasks, allowing you to generate personalized client materials that enhance engagement and accelerate your sales cycle.

Additionally, Rollstack gives you the ability to independently leverage your company's existing analytics dashboards, freeing you from the dependence on analyst or engineering resources. Spend less time waiting and more time selling!

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For Marketing teams

Marketing teams have clear reporting needs: monitoring campaigns and channels, justifying the spend, and showcasing impact. However, building repetitive reports and presentations can often consume valuable time. That's where Rollstack comes into play. It puts all your marketing reporting on autopilot, so you have the insight you need when you need it, to make informed decisions. If you're a marketing agency, Rollstack will elevate your brands and clients' reports, making an impression on all your partners!

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Take your growth to the next level

Regularly evaluate and assess your company's progress and performance in meeting its goals and objectives. This is the opportunity for management to assess their business operations, identify strengths and weaknesses, and make informed decisions about how to improve performance
Key metrics

Analyze key metrics such as financial performance, customer health, or sales pipeline and identify areas of success and areas where improvements can be made

Tracking vs. Goals

Assess company's progress and performance in meeting its goals and objectives

Strategic initiatives

Communicate management plans and priorities to the teams, and receive feedback and input from colleagues


Your presentations and documents 10x faster

Generate internal and external materials with the speed of thought. And never again repeat the same operation again!
Without the engineering resources

Communicate your value efficiently and in a personalized way. Share relevant insights and market trends with your prospects.

Automate the boring stuff

Never repeat again the same redundant, time-consuming, and boring tasks. Focus on what matters: driving value!

Share easily

Integrate with the places where your work is shared, whether it's Slack, E-mail, or outreach tools, Rollstack takes care of it.

Experience the future of slides and docs creation

See how Rollstack seamlessly automates your data-driven materials
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