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Data sources

Connect any data source

With Rollstack, you can connect to a wide variety of data sources, including Business Intelligence tools, CRMs, and data warehouses. This versatile connectivity ensures that all your essential data is instantly accessible when and where you need it.
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Live data

Create connected presentations and docs

Inject live visualizations into your presentations and documents directly from your data sources. Rollstack enables you to keep your content consistently up-to-date when you need it with just a click, ensuring your insights are always relevant and timely.
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Automated updates

Schedule automated

Set it and forget it! Never miss a deadline, an insight, or an opportunity with Rollstack's automated update scheduling. Rollstack ensures your data is current, actionable, and delivered to your stakeholders promptly, informing and driving their business decisions when they need it.
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Version control

Version control and never lose the historical data

Take control of your historical data with Rollstack's version control. Never lose your historical data snapshots and traceability. Answer any questions about past quarters, months, or weeks with ease and revert to previous versions whenever necessary.
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Build once, reuse countless times

Leverage Rollstack's collection feature to repurpose any presentation or document effortlessly. Every creation becomes a template and what is built once, can in just a few clicks, be transformed into countless personalized variants to suit different regions, sales leads, account executives, or client accounts.
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