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Financial Reporting
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Rollstack automatically creates and updates slide decks and documents using Business Intelligence (BI) tools, CRMs, and data warehouses. No engineering or manual work needed.

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Why Rollstack?

Automated Decks & Docs

Because your time matters, automate presentations and docs without rebuilding anything
Live Data

Connect your data sources directly to your presentations and documents. With Rollstack, your data stays up-to-date, accurate, and ready to use

Scheduled updates

Set it and forget it. Schedule updates for your slide decks and documents, and let Rollstack handle the rest. Your content, always current.

Scalable Content Generation

Multiply your efficiency. Turn any presentation or document into a template with Rollstack, enabling quick, easy generation of multiple content variants at scale.


Integrates with the tools you already use


The missing part from the modern data stack

Solving the last mile problem of the modern data stack
Actionable data insights

Rollstack empowers your organization to become more data-informed, embedding analytics into every decision-making document.

Empower every team

Use Rollstack to operationalize analytics, accelerating your data to action time, and making insights more actionable.

Without the engineering resources

Every analysis becomes recurring by default, offering fresh insights at regular intervals with no extra effort.

Streamlined Financial Reporting

Rollstack automates your time-consuming financial reporting, making the delivery of key financial reports efficient and reliable with less error-prone manual plugging.

Proactive Financial Cycles

Get ahead of the financial cycles with Rollstack's scheduled updates, staying prepared and proactive.

Prioritize P&L impacting Initiatives

Focus on key revenue initiatives and P&L impacting activities by reducing manual reporting work.

Driving Revenue and Growth

Rollstack enables you to focus on driving revenue and growth, by taking care of routine reporting tasks.

Automated Business Reviews

Put business reviews on auto-pilot with Rollstack, ensuring regular, consistent, and timely reviews.

Do your best work

Reduce time spent on low-value, repetitive tasks.

Timely and Informed Decision-Making

Rollstack helps drive the right decisions and actions within your organization by providing you the data you need when you need it.

Personalized Client Engagement

Rollstack helps you generate personalized client reports and presentations at scale, bolstering customer engagement and satisfaction.

Automated Client Reviews

Automate your client Monthly Business Reviews, Quarterly Business Reviews, Annual Plans, and One-pagers with Rollstack, streamlining client communication.

Self-Sufficient Teams

Your Customer Success team can independently leverage the company's existing data and analytics dashboards and infrastructure, without needing any analysts or engineering resources.

Personalized Sales Collaterals

Rollstack enables you to generate personalized client presentations, pitches, one-pagers, and proposals, enhancing client engagement and accelerating the sales process.

Self-Reliant Sales Teams

Independently leverage the company's existing data and analytics dashboards and infrastructure, reducing dependency on analysts or engineering resources.

Marketing Intelligence

Build the reports you need to efficiently monitor your marketing spend, the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, and your campaign's ROI.

Impactful Reporting

Share with your marketing partners personalized reports to showcase your work and impact.


We bridge the gap between data & content platforms

Integrate data from Snowflake
Integrate data from Tableau
Big Query
Integrate data from Big Query
Integrate data from looker
Integrate data from Coda
Integrate data from Notion

We love them
and they love us

Rollstack significantly enhances our reporting capabilities, delivering an instant reduction in our report preparation time after just one month of usage. We received overwhelming positive adoption and feedback from our teams, while also gaining increased confidence in expanding our report use cases for clients.

Thu Pham
Senior Solutions Analyst

Rollstack is a life-changer. It's such a time-saver and incredibly intuitive. It seamlessly fits into the modern data stack. It's very hard to imagine creating data-driven slide decks and documents without Rollstack!

Rym Bekkari

Our team members covering our clients love Rollstack's output! It is taking away a lot of our busy work and giving us more time to dive deeper into the data we have.

Rebecca Roberts
Data Analyst

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