Connect Looker to Google Docs

We bridge the gap between data analytics and presentation by effortlessly integrating Looker with your favorite documentation tools: Google Slides, Google Docs, PowerPoint, and Word. With Rollstack, your presentations and documents are always updated with the latest data insights, streamlining your workflow and ensuring you present real-time information with confidence.

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How Looker + Google Docs integration works

Step 1: Connect Looker to Google Docs using Rollstack
5 min
Step 2: Embed Tableau Visualizations in your documents using Rollstack
10 min
Step 3: Automate Your Data Updates
1 min
Step 4: Create Scaled Content using Templates
2 min
Step 5: Share Your Work via Email or Slack
1 min
Step 6: Version Control and Manage Archives
1 min

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

Seamlessly integrate Looker with your Google Docs documents for automated, data-rich documents - a streamlined solution for all your reporting needs.

Step 1
Connect Looker to Google Docs

Effortlessly Integrate Looker with your Google Docs documents for automated reporting and slide decks.

Step 2
Embed Looker Visualizations in your Documents

With Rollstack, you can directly embed dynamic Looker visualizations into your Google Docs documents. This feature is ideal for data analysts, marketing professionals, and business leaders who regularly present data-driven insights.

Step 3
Automate Your Data Updates

Rollstack enables automatic, scheduled, and real-time updates of your Looker visualizations and data within Google Docs. This automation is a game-changer for those needing up-to-date information for client presentations, team meetings, and executive reports.

Step 4
Create Scaled Content with Templates

Leverage Rollstack's templates feature to transform any creation into scalable, data-rich content. This feature suits teams who need to produce consistent, high-quality reporting and presentations across various granularities like departments or clients.

Step 5
Share Your Work

Share your data-driven presentations and documents easily via email or Slack, directly from Rollstack. Perfect for teams that value collaboration and timely communication.

Step 6
Version Control and Manage Archives

With Rollstack, managing different versions of your presentations and archiving them becomes straightforward, ensuring historical data and insights are always at your fingertips.

Data Source

Step 1: Add Tableau as a Data Source

With Rollstack, you can connect to a wide variety of data sources, including Tableau. This versatile connectivity ensures that all your essential data is instantly accessible when and where you need it.

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Automated Updates

Step 3: Schedule automated updates

Set it and forget it! Never miss a deadline, an insight, or an opportunity with Rollstack's automated update scheduling. Rollstack ensures your data is current, actionable, and delivered to your stakeholders promptly in their preferred format (Google Slides, Google Docs, PowerPoint, Word, Notion), informing and driving their business decisions when they need it.

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Step 4: Scale

Leverage Rollstack's collection feature to repurpose any presentation or document effortlessly. Every creation becomes a template and what is built once, can in just a few clicks, be transformed into countless personalized variants to suit different regions, sales leads, account executives, or client accounts.

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Take your growth to the next level

Regularly evaluate and assess your company's progress and performance in meeting its goals and objectives. This is the opportunity for management to assess their business operations, identify strengths and weaknesses, and make informed decisions about how to improve performance
Key metrics

Analyze key metrics such as financial performance, customer health, or sales pipeline and identify areas of success and areas where improvements can be made

Tracking vs. Goals

Assess company's progress and performance in meeting its goals and objectives

Strategic initiatives

Communicate management plans and priorities to the teams, and receive feedback and input from colleagues


Your presentations and documents 10x faster

Generate internal and external materials with the speed of thought. And never again repeat the same operation again!
Without the engineering resources

Communicate your value efficiently and in a personalized way. Share relevant insights and market trends with your prospects.

Automate the boring stuff

Never repeat again the same redundant, time-consuming, and boring tasks. Focus on what matters: driving value!

Share easily

Integrate with the places where your work is shared, whether it's Slack, E-mail, or outreach tools, Rollstack takes care of it.


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