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September 27, 2023
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Rollstack Secures $1.8M Seed Round to Revolutionize Analytics and Reporting

Rollstack raises $1.8M to continue helping teams automate their slide decks and documents

As covered by Techcrunch today, we are excited to announce that Rollstack raised a $1.8M seed round, marking a significant milestone in our journey to redefine analytics and business reporting. Leading this round were renowned firms such as Y Combinator, UpHonest Capital, Kima Ventures, Monte Carlo Capital, and others. We are also thrilled to have the backing of illustrious Angel Investors, including Paul Forster, founder of, Avlok Kohli, CEO of AngelList, alongside former Analytics, Finance, and GTM leaders from global giants like Blackrock, Facebook, Google, and Pinterest (full list here).

This funding will accelerate our product efforts, ensuring they align seamlessly with our clients' needs and allow us to continue offering unparalleled service and customer experience.

Why Rollstack? Solving the last-mile problem in the modern data stack.

Presentations and documents have long been the primary medium for sharing insights and informing decision-making within organizations. Surprisingly, the creation and updating process for these essential tools remains predominantly manual. At Rollstack, we've recognized this glaring gap and are committed to solving this last-mile problem in the modern data stack. Our vision? To automate the tedious manual labor involved in crafting and refreshing slide decks and documents.

Dashboards, with their real-time data capabilities, complement presentations and documents—the latter being the preferred medium for storytelling, in-depth analysis, extended business reviews, and data historization. Rollstack's mission is to amalgamate the strengths of both, introducing automation, real-time data, and one-click updates to presentations and documents.

What's New at Rollstack?

Our dedication to innovation is unwavering. On the core product front, we've launched features like collections that enable users to create presentations and documents at scale using templates. Users can now program emails directly within Rollstack and enjoy enhanced content customization options.

Integration is key to our philosophy. We've been progressively adding to our repertoire of supported data sources. Currently, integrations with Tableau, Looker, Metabase, Google Suite, and Office 365 are up and running, ensuring our clients have a smooth experience.

Delivering Tangible ROI - ​​liberating talented teams from repetitive work.

The Rollstack solution stands out not just in terms of its innovative approach but also the tangible benefits it delivers. We're proud to say that we save teams almost a day's worth of work every week. Our clients, especially those from departments like Data & Analytics, Finance, Business Operations, Strategy, Customer Success, Sales, and Marketing, vouch for the unprecedented ROI Rollstack brings to the table.


We remain committed to our mission of enabling talented teams to do their best work, automating the mundane, and allowing them to focus on value-added tasks. We are proud today to serve leading teams and organizations in their sectors and remain fully committed to helping them the best that we can!

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