How To Connect Tableau to Powerpoint and Google Slides

September 27, 2023
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A critical mission for data-driven companies

Tableau has become synonymous with state-of-the-art business intelligence, especially given the unparalleled quality of its visualizations. For data-driven teams, sharing insights derived from Tableau in presentations and documents is not just an option but a critical necessity. It's how they communicate, convince, and catalyze action. And at fast-paced companies, automation of these presentations and documents is more than a luxury—it's essential for maintaining efficiency and ensuring timely decisions. Dive into this guide to understand the best practices and tools to seamlessly integrate Tableau dashboards into your presentations, ensuring you get the best of both worlds: the depth of Tableau's data analytics and the accessibility of popular presentation and documents platforms.

At fast-paced companies, automation of these presentations and documents is more than a luxury—it's essential for maintaining efficiency and ensuring timely decisions

Rollstack embeds Tableau dashboards in Google Slides, Docs, Powerpoint, and Word

Why Embed Tableau dashboards in PowerPoint and Google Slides?

As your organization grows and adapts, instantaneous and actionable insights are not just beneficial but essential. Here are the key reasons to integrate Tableau dashboards into your presentations:

1. Real-time Data Integration: No more static, outdated slides. With Rollstack's Tableau integration, your presentations are always powered by the latest data, ensuring your stakeholders are equipped with the most recent and relevant insights without the need for manual updates.

2. Archived Data Snapshots: Tableau dashboards, though robust, often focus on current data visualizations. The inherent challenge is archiving these insights for retrospective analysis, crucial for understanding long-term patterns and contrasting present data against past metrics.

3. Automate the mundane: The manual effort behind creating and updating data-driven presentations from Tableau can be a drain on resources and time. By embedding Tableau into Google Slides and PowerPoint, this process is both streamlined and automated, freeing up valuable time.

Integrate Tableau with PowerPoint and Google Slides using Rollstack

Step 1: Connect Your Data Source
With Rollstack, seamlessly link to Tableau and a myriad of other data sources, from CRMs to data warehouses. This versatility ensures instantaneous access to essential data.

Step 2: Embed Visualizations
With Rollstack, you can directly embed Tableau visualizations into PowerPoint and Google Slides. Your content remains up-to-date, providing timely and relevant insights at the click of a button.

Step 3: Automate and Schedule Updates
Schedule automated updates, ensuring your Tableau visualizations in presentations are always current. No more missed insights or deadlines; Rollstack ensures your data is promptly delivered, driving business decisions effectively.

Step 4: Version Control and Historical Data Management
Rollstack's version control guarantees that you never lose sight of historical data. Address questions about past periods effortlessly and revert to prior versions when needed.

Step 5: Build Once, Reuse Limitlessly
Leverage the power of Rollstack's templates. What you design once can effortlessly be repurposed for countless variations, catering to diverse clients, regions, marketing channels, or teams.

Beyond PowerPoint and Google Slides

Rollstack's capability isn't limited to PowerPoint and Google Slides. It's designed for all data-driven content needs – be it business reviews, financial reporting, board presentations, or pitch decks. Whether you're a part of a Data & Analytics, Finance, Business Operations, Customer Success, Sales, or Marketing team, Rollstack ensures your presentations shine with live data, driving your business forward.

In Conclusion

As the data landscape of continues to evolve, Rollstack redefines the boundaries of what's possible. Embedding Tableau dashboards into PowerPoint, Google Slides, or any presentation becomes not just feasible but efficient. Embrace the future of data presentations and documents with Rollstack. Experience seamless integration today!

Rollstack seamlessly integrates Tableau with Google Slides and Powerpoint
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